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Who We Are

We don’t specialize in any particular style of music, we specialize in making your music sound great! We have years of experience in many styles as engineers and artists, live and in the studio. We know what it’s like being on stage, or on the other side of the glass in the studio, so we understand what you want and need when you’re the performer.

Managerial contracts

Our Process

  • Music

    Music is part of our daily lives at Euromusic Studio. We try to improve every sound and every melody that we work with. We try to bring the same quality on our live tours.

  • Studio

    In 2001 Euromusic Studio become nation wide available to all singers, and bands to produce and record their music. Much more, the license is international available, which makes Euromusic Studio viable on European and North American market. AAA European license will be print available on every record.

  • Recordings

    Recording at our studio will be a tremendous experience, which will offer sound performance, trial assurance and safe labeling records for market products.
    Euromusic Studio is quality reliable for the entire trial limitations.

  • Technology

    Euromusic Studio uses top recording technology.
    It uses combined technology, like multi-sensor technology and musical instruments.

Our Services

  • Label Album Titles

  • Album trial
  • Labeling guarantee
  • Top technology
  • Studio’s labeling is certified based ISO’s terms and regulations.
  • Cloud based technology

  • We update and lock securely our work
  • Remotely we can update our work
  • Digital performance combining latest software
  • Music tradion

  • A history of Romanian traditional music
  • Music of all genres
  • Available music content
  • Support Team

  • We guarantee our quality of work
  • Our support team can be contacted with a ticket support
  • Applies only for try-outs and trials
26000Hours in studio
335Finished Projects
621Released contracts